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A custom religious mosaic

Overview | The River of Stone

The River of Stone at the Cathedral of St Stephen in the Archdiocese of Brisbane consists of thirty monumental sandstone slabs. The stone slabs meander through the Francis Rush precinct, symbolising the stoning of Stephen by his persecutors. They establish the overarching narrative of the first martyr and patron of the cathedral.

Chunks of sandstone have been taken from each slab and repositioned, positioned in a section of the pavement to form a cross symbol of Stephen’s martyrdom. Other areas of the sandstone slabs are highlighted in gold tesserae to convey significance to other parts of Stephen’s life.

Near the Elizabeth Street gathering space, one of the stone slabs houses the mosaic showing the three phases in Stephen’s story: his works of charity, his fearless preaching and his martyrdom. The mosaic presents the glory of St Stephen’s service, a mix of hand-cut marble and Orsoni Venetian smalti.


River of Stone, 2005


Venetian Smalti, Marble, Gold, Sandstone


Archdiocese of Brisbane

What We Did

Concept Design, Fabrication, Installation

“Stephen preached his inspired explanation of the Gospel of Christ”

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