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Overview | A Wingback Affair

In the Byron Bay hinterland lives a wonderful, eccentric, independent woman.

When she asked Scott Harrower Design to tend to the ramshackle garden surrounding her newly acquired homestead, it was apparent she needed a landscape redesign and a restoration of plantings. Some plants required removal, and in other areas, it was necessary to create new garden beds to restore balance and harmony to the garden’s flow.

However, one day she asked to see our mosaic work, became inspired, and presented us with a brief for a garden chair to sit and appreciate the afternoon view over the valley. Our response to her design brief is this pair of wingback armchairs and accompanying ottoman.

The sculptural armchairs were constructed from carved concrete and built into the landscape on concrete footings embedded below ground level. Our love of textiles and fabric is evident in the traditional Toile-inspired design we created based on our client’s life history as a champion cattle breeder. The chairs are “upholstered” in a hand-cut slip-resistant porcelain mosaic. A monochromatic repetitive blue and ivory pattern depicts her country lifestyle, love of cattle, Australian flora and fauna, and the vigorous and hardy African Native Guinea Fowl.


A Wingback Affair, 2020


Unglazed ceramic, concrete, stained sandstone


Private residential

What We Did

Concept Design, Fabrication, Installation

The term Toile originates from Paris and refers to linen or a toile de Jouy; a cloth that depicts of characteristic florals, figures, or a landscape on a light background.

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