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Mosaic of Christian art

Overview | The Gift of Creativity

In 2020 St Rita’s College opened an innovative new learning precinct, the Trinity Centre, to strengthen its girls’ academic, arts, and communal experience. On the new centre’s approach are two mosaic works: The gift of Creativity and Terra Mater-Our Common Home. The works are in direct dialogue with each other. They suggest a way forward when dealing with the faith-based challenges of our modern world.

The mosaic on the approaching wall presents the hand of God, surrounded by the wings of the Holy Spirit, reaching towards the Earth giving life and the gift of Creativity and the Arts. The work includes symbols of an innovative education: the visual arts, music and performance. An unfolding red rose surrounds these symbols to denote the presence of St Rita of Cascia.

This work represents creative expression in the visual, auditory, film, media and performance spaces. It speaks of humanity’s relationship with artistic pursuits as a way of making meaning of their experience and connection with God.

‘The Gift of Creativity is made from Orsoni Venetian smalti and Gold leaf tesserae and mounted on a lightweight exterior fire retardent panel. The work is mounted into a steel frame and retrofitted onto the existing brick wall.


The Gift of Creativity 2020


Orsoni Venetian smalti, Gold, honeycomb panelling, steel


St Rita’s College

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Concept Design, Fabrication, Installation

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