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Overview | Veritas

San Sisto College, a Roman Catholic school in South-East Brisbane, was established by the Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia and the Solomons in 1961. Beginning with nine students, the College, committed to inspiring young women with a love of learning, has continued to grow within the Dominican tradition.

In 1999 the College commissioned an intricate mosaic of the Dominican coat of arms to enter the student reception precinct. The work, ‘ Veritas’, speaks of the cherished Dominican motto of Truth. The mosaic comprises hand-cut tesserae from an anti-slip vitrified ceramic tile, specifically for commercial floors.

The Dominican motto of ‘Veritas’ is part of the order’s 800-year-old history. The simple monochromatic black and white mosaic are reminiscent of the stylised black and white pavement mosaics that were dominant in Italy during the second and early third centuries AD.

The mosaic was fabricated offsite and installed onto a 15mm thick compressed cement board before being adhered to and surrounded by regular floor tiles. During renovations of the College, the school administration relocated the mosaic to its current location in the new Prouilhe Administration Center.


Veritas 1999


Unglazed Vitrified ceramic


San Sisto College

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Concept Design, Fabrication, Installation

Veritas—Truth is the principal motto of the Dominicans

The story of St Dominic is one of compassion – as a young college student he sold his books to feed those who were starving.

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