Our studio practice embodies the growth of ideas through education and experimentation to ensure we remain sharp and refined in my craftsmanship. We love helping individuals and communities to explore their creativity

Studio programs

We love to share what we do and facilitate weekly mosaic classes in our Byron Bay hinterland studio. You may be a beginner who is keen to learn the basics to get you started or you're an experienced practitioner looking to explore new ways of working. Get in touch and discuss your wants and wishes with us. We are here to help!

Community Projects

Scott Harrower's compassionate approach to people's lives has seen him work with diverse organisations around Australia. Scott's management and team leadership skills will assist your community to tell its own unique story. His track record is a testament to success. So get in touch, we would love to work with you.

Art Therapy

Art therapy workshops are designed to assist people affected by trauma. The act of scribbling, object making and repurposing the past can allow adults to objectively understand the signified state and hopefully heal. The aim is to provide concepts and ideas on how art making can be beneficial in processing life’s difficulties.

NEW! Cancer Gets Creative Workshop