This one-day workshop for women with Cancer focuses on Identity and explores how art making can assist mental and emotional health. Our Identity; how we see ourself, is often influenced by a set of changing circumstances, including trauma. This affects our self-reflection, changes to behaviour and disrupts our wellbeing.

Through thoughtful,  easy to follow instructions, this workshop assists you to piece together  your personal story using techniques that foster insight into healing.  You will be provided with a selection of  body shape templates and  an eye-candy selection of materials to create a collaged expression of  yourself while exploring your identity. 

Art as Therapy

How to translate emotions into an artwork; working with the principles of how ‘Line’ and ‘shape’ can express how we feel.

Colour to Heal

Learn how to use colour in symbolism to create an emotive quality, a sign or message in your artwork.

Expressive Materials

Explore with materials and their tactile qualities that can symbolise how we feel about ourselves in our search for balance.

Designing Yourself

Learn to express yourself with a corflute body shape template and tell your story, full of individual meaning.


The next workshop will be held at Southern Cross University on the far North Coast of NSW.

Scott Harrower Design and this workshop is not affiliated with Southern Cross University.